Ma'anshan Kailuo thermal insulation material Co., Ltd is the only one in Ma'anshan City, set the scale of production of various types of insulation materials and the implementation of the construction site, the company was founded in 1989, the site is located in the picturesque scenery of the mountain at the foot of the 314 provincial road, a small town 2 kilometers east of Danyang, the company occupies a total area of more than 30000 square meters.

Company's products: rock and cotton products, glass and cotton products, aluminum silicate products
  • Rock wool products
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  • Acrylonitrile PTFE packing
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  • Flexible graphite packing
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  • FRP products
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  • Cotton yarn packing
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  • Ramie, linen packing
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  • Ceramic fiber packing
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  • PTFE asbestos packing
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  • Aramid fiber packing
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  • High water-based packing
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  • Foam asbestos tube shell
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